The Very Hungry Caterpillar


It’s decided: The Very Hungry Caterpillar is our thing now.

Plan on an animated face that moves through the expressions in the book (and more). Legs that move. Antennae that wiggle around.

The artwork in the book is absolutely amazing, so we’re going to try to mimic and honor it as closely as we possibly can. I’m imagining lots of patches of thin fabric overlapping. Maybe muslin or spandex. (Spandex always looks spectacular on-playa.) We’ll have to find a perfectly gorgeous way to light it too. Not sure what that’s going to look like yet. Much to figure out!

With this, we have a look and feel and color palette and mood and all that. I think that’ll help with any design decisions coming up.

You can buy the book on amazon for under $6.

Yey look and theme!!!!!

Update time!

Fourth of Juplaya

There’s a completely unorganized event that happens in the same place as burning man every year at fourth of july. There’s not a whole lot of information about it, but as I understand it’s kinda like what burning man used to be. No tickets, no potties, no roads – people show up and set up camp (at least a certain distance from each other per BLM regulations) and go wild.

The plan is to get the bus to a functional state by then, drive it out there, and do a test run. We’ll make a bunch of food and find people to eat it. We’ll see if the cooling and dust mitigation systems can keep up with real playa conditions. And we’ll see what Fourth of Juplaya is actually all about. (I’ve been super curious.)

It’s going to be a maybe plan all the way up until we get the kitchen functional, which might not happen until the last minute. Fourth of July is on a Monday this year, and I have the entire week following off of work. Anyone able to come is very much invited!

Kitchen Equipment

All of the kitchen equipment is either in the warehouse or ordered! This weekend I ordered the freezer, sink, stock pot burner, and steam table from a local restaurant supplier (Pittman’s). We got the good stuff on all those – the freezer is a True T-12F. Should be amazingly reliable for us. Sink is three 18″x18″ wells.

I’ve attached the final floor plan for the bus. Stuff might move around by a few inches, but this is what we’re doing. The vegetable and hand washing sinks are an “eventually” plan – we’d need them to meet portland health code. They’ll be pretty basic sinks that drop into the countertops, and we’ll make some covers for them so that when they’re not in use the space will revert to countertop again.

The Bus

We’ve pulled out everything inside the bus and we’re almost finished getting out the old vinyl flooring. Right now I’m looking into getting truck bed liner sprayed in for our floor. I’m also doing research on generators, propane tanks, water tanks, and swamp coolers.

For Juplaya I’m hoping to have all of the kitchen equipment installed and functioning, but no countertops (we can use tables temporarily). We’ll have the swamp cooler and vent hood set up so we can see how the air flow and cooling is working. We’ll have propane, water, and electric systems all installed and functioning. We won’t have any sort of table/booth inside. It won’t be pretty at all. We probably won’t have the new stairs built.

Project 1070

The Project

We start with a full-length school bus. Inside, we build a relatively complete commercial kitchen and a dining room with one big table for 12 people. Then the outside becomes beautiful somehow. We haven’t decided how quite yet. But don’t just think paint – think material added all around the outside to make something that doesn’t even remotely resemble a school bus in shape or style.
We’ll take it to Burning Man in 2017. We’ll drive out onto the playa three times a day and feed people for three hours at a time. Some meals will be small and intimate and elaborate, other meals will be simple but feed hundreds of people in a go.
Our team is scattered all over the country, but the build is all happening in Portland, OR.

This is our bus! 37′ long, 6’5 inside height, rear engine, runs wonderfully.
Our first piece of kitchen equipment, a refrigerated prep table.
A pretty painting we found. It has nothing to do with what our bus will eventually look like. It’s just a cool picture. Move along.
This is Mama. She’s the reason we’re doing this project. In 2017 she’ll be 70 and it’ll be her 10th time at Burning Man. Now guess how we named the project 😛