Weight and Balance

Weighed the bus! It came in almost 4000 pounds lighter than I had thought. Good news 😀13517615_10104017970995744_7188078029310809756_o

Weight and Balance spreadsheet:…/1P3smws9Z_LIwwFTJsnbZd9iCSW…/edit…

Orange means I pulled numbers out of my ass, so we should at least try to get better data. Magenta is decisions we need to make (I’ve taken a first stab at them, there’s more optimizing to do.) The most important results are marked in yellow. The wide bar under the table is red if either axle is overloaded and green if we’re good to go.

First Meeting Summary

Hello, all! After much discussion, it’s been decided that there really isn’t enough time left before Fourth of Juplaya to get the bus properly decked out inside, so we’re no longer aiming to be on-playa in early July. Nine of us spent several hours brainstorming new possible targets this past Saturday and came up with several good ones.
– Dan is going to be coordinating an August camping trip, for which the bus will have a functional kitchen, but no seating area yet –we’ll use that as sleeping space!
Hallowsgiving will be the next event, taking place either on Halloween our sometime during the weeks leading up to, but not including, Thanksgiving. By then, we will have completed the interior of the bus, with kitchen and dining areas fully installed and functional!
– At some point in between (or after?), we’d like to get the bus out and about to do a test with folks who aren’t familiar with it; we’re thinking it would be great to find someone who works regularly with feeding homeless folks and put the bus kitchen to work doing that for a day. Leor has a contact in Lebanon, OR, and if anyone else has connections/pointers on how to make this a reality, let us know!
Before we go any further, our group has been christened with a fantastic name! Welcome to THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR, UNORTHODOX
We plan to meet twice a week: every Saturday at 9am and every Wednesday at 6pm. Saturdays will start off with important decision making during the first hour or so, then move on to working on the bus itself. Wednesday meetings will vary, but we’ll post agendas beforehand here in the Facebook group.

Floor Glued Down

The floor is glued down! We still need to finish cutting and gluing the sides, but the floor part of it is down and secure. (It was a bit of a journey getting there!) The photos are Nathan and Pete troweling the glue onto the last patch of floor. Also, the escape hatches were both leaking, so Devon and Nathan climbed up there to (temporarily) fix it. Eventually we’ll have to do a better job of fixing them, but we’ll deal with that later. Twenty points if you can figure out what’s happening in the last photo 🙂.


Photos! We’re almost ready to put the vinyl floor in. Jack installed a floor drain for us. (The sinks will all drain into the floor drain, the floor drain goes to the dirty water tank. Health code thing.) The roll of vinyl is already in the bus. It weighs something like 300 pounds.