It started with a box. A long, slender, matte-black box. Looks didn’t matter, these people had a mission. As they wandered far and wide, the box began to grow things. Like barnacles on a whale, the box acquired shiny, geometric, phosphorescent bumps. Occasionally the workers would get around to scrubbing them off, but really they didn’t care so much. Feeding strangers was all that mattered.

One day a stranger came up to the box. “I was drawn to the shiny lightey spikey things,” the stranger said. “Oh!” said the workers, and invited the stranger in to eat. From that day on, the workers and the shiny lightey barnacley crystaley spiky things lived happily in a symbiotic relationship – the barnacles drawing people in for the restaurant and in return getting… whatever it is that barnacles need from a wandering restaurant that would otherwise just be a long black box.

The End.