Project 1070

The Project

We start with a full-length school bus. Inside, we build a relatively complete commercial kitchen and a dining room with one big table for 12 people. Then the outside becomes beautiful somehow. We haven’t decided how quite yet. But don’t just think paint – think material added all around the outside to make something that doesn’t even remotely resemble a school bus in shape or style.
We’ll take it to Burning Man in 2017. We’ll drive out onto the playa three times a day and feed people for three hours at a time. Some meals will be small and intimate and elaborate, other meals will be simple but feed hundreds of people in a go.
Our team is scattered all over the country, but the build is all happening in Portland, OR.

This is our bus! 37′ long, 6’5 inside height, rear engine, runs wonderfully.
Our first piece of kitchen equipment, a refrigerated prep table.
A pretty painting we found. It has nothing to do with what our bus will eventually look like. It’s just a cool picture. Move along.
This is Mama. She’s the reason we’re doing this project. In 2017 she’ll be 70 and it’ll be her 10th time at Burning Man. Now guess how we named the project 😛